Monday, March 19, 2012

Find History Of Trees On Your Street And Throughout The City

SDOT recently released a new web based tool for looking up what kinds of trees are planted on your street and who is responsible for maintaing them, including the many trees in Laurelhurst.

SDOT started the tree inventory process in 1992 and has continued until currently where the inventory stands at  approximately 40,000 city maintained trees of the over 130,000 in the city.

The website lists each Seattle neighborhood, including Laurelhurst,  with a street map containing the inventoried tree's common and scientific name, the inventory identification number, diameter, street address, party responsible for maintenance, the date the tree was planted or inventoried, and the date that the tree was last checked by clicking on an individual tree.

Users can submit current size information for an existing tree  here or submit information for an unlisted tree here.

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