Wednesday, February 1, 2012

City Wants To Hear From Public About Needed Pothole Repairs

The City of Seattle is focusing on roadway repairs, according to a recent Press Release, after the recent winter storm and freezing weather which created a significant increase in the number of new potholes.

And the pothole rangers are asking the public to report potholes immediately. Their goal is to have the potholes repaired within three business days of a request.

The immediate "work by the Pothole Rangers helps address any isolated trouble spots and prevents deterioration of the remaining street surface," the press release stated.

The Mayor has added funds to respond to pothole repair requests.  SDOT has $9 million available to address street surface repairs, which includes potholes. About $8.5 million of that is earmarked for main arterials.

To report a pothole or any type of street maintenance repair go here or call 2-6-684-ROAD. And to see the status of a pothole request go here.  The map shows about 3 requests submitted recently for Laurelhurst.

For general pothole information, including what causes potholes, the various types of potholes and more go here.

(photo courtesy of City website)

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