Tuesday, January 3, 2012

What SomeNeighborhood Kids Did Over Winter Break

pictured left to right are: Tommy Garvey, Asher Garvey, Anna Edelman, Pallas Garvey, Eden Anne Bauer

Laurelhurst mom, Anita Nadelson Garvey, sent us this email about goings on in family over the holidays:

With all the posts about thefts I thought I'd send along a little positive neighborhood activity.

My 3 children and a few friends started working on making a big pile of holiday cards during Thanksgiving weekend. During the first week of winter break, they spent several afternoons walking the neighborhood and selling the cards.

They raised $91.09 which they are donating to PAWS.

Above is a picture of them hard at work.  They'd like to thank to everyone who donated!

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