Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Attempted Break-In Around Christmas

We received this email from a reader:

House break-in interrupted
12/23 on Surber Drive at 10am
Two Asian males and a Polynesian man circled my house looking in all the windows and were on the front porch when my neighbor, who had been watching from his house,  came by and asked them what they they were doing, why was their license plate covered on their car parked in my driveway and suggested that they leave. 

He took the plate number, which the police ran when they arrived, called by my alarm company.  These guys are known to the police and are from the Des Moines area.  I can only assume they were going to kick in the front door and grab and go. 

The police said we should keep our out for a dark blue honda with license plate number ending in 2726 and call them if they are seen again. 

We are grateful our neighbor saved our holiday from being ruined. 

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Anonymous said...

As I was the passerby that interrupted the break-in attempt, the car was a medium gray early 90's Honda Civic 4 dr.

It was incorrectly described as dark blue by accident.