Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Safety Tips During This Winter Storm

Laurelhurst Park on Monday

The Mayor's Office sent out some helpful information earlier this week with some recommendations for residents during this winter storm:
  • Consider options now for travel, staying off the roads if possible. 
  • Move cars off streets, if possible, to aid with snow removal.
  • Check on neighbors, especially the vulnerable.
  • Wrap pipes and outdoor faucets to prevent ruptured pipes and flooding inside homes.
  • Turn faucets to a slow drip to prevent pipes from freezing.
  • Be careful when choosing how to heat or light homes. Open flames and unattended candles are dangerous. Do not bring open stoves or gas grills inside as the fumes can be poisonous and deadly. 
  • Find and clear street storm drains. Snow followed by rain can clog drains and cause flooding.
  • Have coats, hats, gloves and blankets at hand to stay warm during possible power outages.
  • Bring pets indoors
  • Only call 911 in a life-threatening emergency.
  • Businesses and residents are reminded to keep their sidewalks clear to help pedestrians walk safely. Pedestrians should be cautious on snow or ice covered surfaces.
And some helpful websites:
  • Seattle Department of Transportation's interactive map to help track which streets have been plowed and de-iced  recently. 
  • For up-to-date information on SDOT’s response activities and roadway conditions go here
  • Check current traffic conditions and roadway webcams and pictures on SDOT’s Traveler’s Map.

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