Thursday, January 19, 2012

Middle School Age Boys in Laurelhurst Park Endangering Motorists Reader Reports

We received this email from a reader recently on the dangers of middle schoolers throwing snowballs at passing motorists:
I just came home from walking my dog in Laurelhurst Park between 1:30 and 2pm today (Tuesday). There was a group of 7 middle school (my estimate) boys throwing snowballs at vehicles passing between the park and Laurelhurst Elementary.

As I passed, I casually mentioned to them that that's not a good idea as there are little ones on the sidewalks just getting out of school and they could cause an accident where someone would get hurt. I continued on a little bit and they just pressed on. So I went back to them and very pointedly told them they must stop. I asked them if any of them were drivers (blank looks) and told them that that kind of distraction could easily cause an accident. I suggested that I was pretty sure their parents would not approve.

Most stepped back. One argued incoherently. They stopped momentarily. Then restarted awhile later. Saw me again. Then stopped. And then as soon as I left the park started up again. I called 911 amd made a report. But I'm pretty sure the cops have better things to attend to today. Seriously -- what a waste of resources.

Please talk to your kids. I get that they think throwing snowballs is harmless but in the wildly variable and changinge road conditions with people rushing around to get ready for snowpocalypse the consequences of such a simple action could be unexpected and tragic


Anonymous said...

My car was hit, hard by a snowball Wed. afternoon. Same location. Because I was stunned by the impact I almost hit a child crossing the street. I know boys can be boys but please talk to your sons about the danger of throwing things at cars. The hit by those snowballs were just as powerful as a rock. The group looked older to me, maybe high school. There were probably 15 boys.

Anonymous said...

And my car was egged the other night by teenagers in the park driving up the hill. Same thing...almost hit another car.