Thursday, January 26, 2012

Free Recycling Event On Saturday At Metropolitan Market

One of our readers, Reilly, would like the neighborhood to know about a Recycling event going on Saturday in the parking lot at nearby Metropolitan Market (5250 40th Avenue NE) from 10-3pm.

You can drop items off to be recylced at no charge and "it will save you a trip to the dump and keep stuff out of the land fills" Reilly tells us.

1 Green Planet, a non-profit, who is hosting the event, donates a portion of their proceeds to Childrens Hospital and several other organizations. 

Here is a list of the items that can be recycled at the event and you can call or email to ask about recycling for other items.:

Any electronics, working or not, whole or in part
• Appliances – washers, dryers, refrigerators, etc.
• Electronics – televisions, stereos, etc.
• Scrap metal, machinery – circuit boards, etc.• Computers (secure data destruction) – PCs, laptops, printers,
monitors, etc.
• Batteries – car, computer, etc.
• Medical equipment

• Ink & tonerCell phones• Vehicles
• Paper & Cardboard
• Plastics

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