Monday, January 23, 2012

All About Hot Yoga Of Laurelhurst Owned By Laurelhurst Residents

Lisa Every, is the owner of Hot Yoga of Laurelhurst (3513 NE 45th Street, Suite M), as well as a neighborhood resident for over 10 years, along with her husband and two children.  The business opened in 2003 and Lisa became the owner in 2010.

Many of the classes take place in a 95-105 degree room, but also offered are classes are taught in warm and normal degree rooms.

Lisa, told us that most of her clients are from Laurelhurst and nearby neighborhoods, adding "We have a large and loyal Laurelhurst following."

Lisa began her yoga practice at Hot Yoga of Laurelhurst in 2003 shortly after it opened.  She started going once and worked up to three times a week and says she she found herself "more aware and present outside of the yoga studio" feeling like she was living her life rather than being overtaken by it." When the opportunity presented itself to own the business, she jumped at it.

Three to five classes are taught every day starting at 6am, which Lisa says are popular with Laurelhurst residents who take the class before going to work.   The classes are 60-90 minutes in length and some of the ones offered are Hot Yoga, Hot Hatha, Vinyasa,  Warm Yoga, Yin/Yang,  Core Sculpt, Non Heated Yoga, Yoga Dance.

According to the website, some of the benefitsof hot yoga are the body burning fat more effectively and in a very short time due in part to increased metabolism,  greater range of movement with less chance or injury, more oxygen delivered to various tissues, muscles, glands and organs, encouraged focus and  concentration, thorough workout for cardiovascular system and detoxification and elimination through the skin through sweating.

For more information check out the website or call 206-522-5080.  

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