Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Subscribe Now To Laurelhurst Private Security Patrol

The Laurelhurst Community Club's Crime Prevention Coordinators sent us some information to share with the neighborhood regarding the Laurelhurst Private Security Patrol.

The Security Patrol is being renewed again for 2012 due to the "positive response over the last three years and the efforts of LCC to deter burglaries, car prowls, auto thefts, and vandalism in the neighborhood," LCC told us.

LCC is asking for neighbor's participation once again this coming year in signing up for the patrol as the success of the patrol depends on resident's participation.  The more families that subscribe, the more coverage that can be offered. 

The patrol boundaries cover the entire neighborhood by uniformed, off-duty Seattle Police officers, and is planned for six nights a week, with specific nights and hours dependent on the contributions of funding.

Officers carry police radios and their police firearms, and drive unmarked personal vehicles. They monitor incoming 911 calls and respond to Laurelhurst calls if on patrol and work with the official response from the on-duty police officers.

Officers also conduct vacation checks if requested, by doing a walk around of your premises during each shift and securing any open doors, hiding packages, or removing door tags.

If you subscribe now, you will be covered the rest of this year through December 2012 and the annual cost per family is $200.   Neighbors can also join at any time during the year and neighborhood institutions such as schools, churches, etc. can also participate.

The private security project is particularly important this year as the City’s budget shortfall means that the 26 vacant positions in the Seattle Police Department will not be filled agan.

For more information and questions contact email LCC’s Crime Prevention team at

To sign up use LCC’s secure online payment option or send your $200 check payable to the Laurelhurst Community Club, including your name, address, email, and emergency contact information.

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