Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Car Stolen Out Of Driveway At The Corner Of NE 45th Street and 51st Avenue NE

A reader sent us the below email detailing how his car was recently stolen from his home, and fortunately recovered, but unfortunately with many personal items missing:
At 7:50 am, Monday , October 31st, I started my SUV to warm it up, went inside and came back out at 8:00 am. The car was gone, stolen!

The car was parked in our drive way, about 40 feet from the front door, 5 feet from the overhead garage door and right under the master bedroom window.

The location is near the corner on NE 45th Street and 51st Avenue NE. 

I had noticed earlier that morning an old car with few guys in it that did not look like they were from the 'hood.  Who knows if they were the thieves?

Point: some bad guys are regularly driving our neighborhood and at all times looking for opportunities.  The policeman who responded to the call said SUV’s are in demand in Russia and he would not be surprised in my car was on a boat to Russia. 

Fortunately, the car was found last Saturday morning by Bellevue police near Factoria area.  The Bellevue policeman was responding to, you guessed it, a report of stolen car – the car was warming up in the drive way and someone drove it off.  My car was found very close by, with the engine still warm.

The thieves found a car they liked better than mine.  That is an insult I can live with!! They did not like my taste in music either as all my CD’s were left in the car.  Minor damage to my car, but personal belongings gone including a PC sitting on the floor, nice rain / over coat and the car’s owner’ manual. 

My car’s plates were gone, but an Idaho and another WA plate were found in my car.  Point here is the thieves likely quickly replaced my car’s plates with different plates.

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