Monday, October 31, 2011

Intruder Enters Home Friday On 49th Avenue NE And NE 50th Street

A reader sent us this email hoping to alert neighbors to be on the look out for the intruder that entered her home on Friday at 12:15pm:


We live at the corner of 49th Avenue NE and NE 50th Street.  Our home was broken into on in the middle of the day at 12:15pm.

They entered into our home of our upper deck, via the backyard, through a glass French door that was locked.  I was not home, nor was my next door neighbor but we were lucky.  We have to repair a glass door, but when it was broken our alarm was set off and the intruder run away from the noise. 

The police were called by our alarm company and they secured our home.  If I hadn’t turned on my alarm when I left just an hour prior, everything could have been lost.

I am sending this a note as a reminder to all that there is clearly someone in our neighborhood casing homes and even though all our doors were locked and we have alarm stickers in windows, etc., they still broke in.  Secure your homes windows and doors and don’t leave anything out that could entice them if they looked into the windows, day or night.

If anyone happened to see anyone fleeing our area or parked anywhere on our corner around 12:15pm on Friday, please let laurelhurstblogger@gmail know.  There should not have been any cars on either side of our home during that time except that of the intruder.

A Concerned neighbor.

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