Thursday, September 22, 2011

Phone Number For "Andrew the Knife Sharpener's" Front Porch Service

We heard from many readers after our post in July about Andrew, the knife sharpener, asking if we had contact information for him. Yesterday a reader sent us some information after Andrew had stopped by.

Here is one email from a reader about Andrew:
After reading about so many posts on blog about people coming to the door soliciting was a little hesitant to open the door when this guy came, turned out to be a great decision!
Andrew, aka "Your Knife Guy", sharpens any/all knives, lawn blades, saws, axes while he sits on the front porch--totally convenient and the price can't be beat ($3/knife)!
He uses Japanese cutting stones, was trained by a master sharpener, very professional, and gives you an info paper so you can look online at reviews of his work.

Definitely open your door to Andrew when he comes knocking!

Andrew's flier says:

Trained under master sharpener
Your Knife Guy (save $$$)
Front Porch Service

Will sharpen:
  • Kitchen knives
  • Serrated knives
  • Lawn mowers and tools
  • Scissors and axes
  • Saws and chainsaws
My mission: to provide a convenient and inexpensive service for sharpening your edges
  • Knives and scissors averge 5 minutes per
  • specialize in push lawn mowers
  • can read reviews on, just type "Your Knifes Sharpening Guy:
$3 per knife and scissors
$15/$8 per lawn mower/saw and ax

Phone number: 206-790-7958

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