Thursday, August 4, 2011

Readers Recommend Toshi's In Laurelhurst

We've received many emails about readers wanting to recommend to the neighborhood Toshi's Teriyaki (3715 Northeast 45th Street), next to Marlai Restaurant.

One of our staffers talked with the owner's son, Sam, about the history of the restaurnt.

Sam told us that his mother, Eun, who is the owner, is the first generation in Seattle and immigrated from South Korea in 1983.

He added that the restaurant has been there since the 1980s, and Eun, who has been at least the third owner,  bought the restaurant in 1998.

Sam said that his mom, was looking for teriyaki restaurants opportunities, and liked the neighborhood.  " My mom likes the neighborhood and thinks the people are very nice," Sam said.

Sam told us his mom is a great cook at home as well and the restaurant has many loyal customers, of whom many are from Laurelhurst.

"Our customers are a mix of people that work nearby during lunch time and during the evening families that live in the area. We also have people visiting Children's Hospital and often they are repeat customers when ever they need to take their kids to the hospital for treatment.," Sam said.

The most popular on the menu is the dark meat chicken teriyaki, Sam told us. Readers favorites verifed that and also recommended the white chicken terriyaki, with an ample serving of chicken, some readers say enough for two people,along  with brown rice and a side salad. All for a very reasonable price.

Toshi's can be reached at 206-524-1174.


Anonymous said...

We love Toshis. They are the nicest people and great food. We've been going there for years.

Anonymous said...

This Toshi's is the BEST! The friendliest service and the best food, it's the best teriyaki ever. I just wish it was closer to where I live now... Whenever I'm in the area, I always stop by.