Friday, August 5, 2011

Reader's Email A Reminder To "Be Good Neighbors" After Incident Of Elderly Man Falling

We received this email from a reader who asked that it be posted to the blog as a reminder to be aware when others might need help in the neighborhood:

Last week a longtime elderly neighbor tripped on the sidewalk on N.E. 41st  and 42nd N.E. about 7:30 in the evening.  He blacked out, and received some cuts and bruises from this fall. After coming to, he was able to stumble home before calling another neighbor to take him to the emergency room at U of W.

Let’s remember to be good neighbors, and not make assumptions when we see someone who is “behaving in a unusual manner, or a manner not typical”. 

Best to call 911 and report a concern if you are wary of stopping or calling out…not just drive on by.  Parents might want to talk to their kids about the appropriate reaction and response to this type of situation. 

What makes this neighborhood so wonderful are the relationships that we have with  all of our neighbors. 

P.S. The neighbor who escorted him to the hospital stayed with him into the wee hours of the morning while his hand was stitched.

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