Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Car Drivng Around Neighborhod Throwing Bags Out The Window Onto Sidewalks Advertising Cleaning Service

We have received many emails from readers this morning about a car throwing out from their window a small plasti bag containing a flier for a cleaning service, Crystal Brght Cleaning, along wth about 5 small white rocks.

The small bags have been seen on sidelwalks near Laurelhurst Elementary School, Beach Club area and East Laurelhurst Drive.

We contacted the North Precinct and the officer who answered said  that someone cannot just throw stuff on the sidewalk. It has to be on the door knob or near the door. He said it is littering to do otherwise.

He said residents should file a report with the non-emergency Police number at 206-625-5011, then choose option, 2, then  8.

To reach the Cleaning Service directly and let them know this type of littering is not allowed, contact them at 425-228-0446.

Here are a few emails we received from readers:

 A neighbor sent this mail this morning. I went outside, and sure enough, these little plastic bags were strewn up and down our street (East Laurelhurst Drive). I agree. "bad advertising". I called the service and asked not to have their advertising distributed to our home (on the sidewalk)... got a generic voicemail. Like junk mail isn't enough?
Sent: Wednesday, August 24, 2011 10:03 AM
Subject: Bad advertising...
These little plastic bags of rocks with an add were tossed around our street. One was in the street, and it's for "Crystal Bright Cleaning Service"?! Their  goal is to "Make You and Your home Happy", it would make us happy not having to pick up their advertising!
And another email:

We just went outside and saw small plastic bags all up and down our street littering the sidewalks. They are not near homes but right on the sidewalk where people walk - young and old. Not only is it a nuisance and safety hazard, but these bags are littering our neighborhood, especially if people don't pick them up

This is the worst advertsing and disregard for neighborhood I have seen in a long time. Guesss it is easier and faster just to throw something willy nilly out a car window then place each advertisement directly at a home.

And this is a cleaning service? Aren't they doig the opposite by littering in our neighborhood, already creating a bad name for themselves?

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das said...

I have seen technique from this firm for several years now ....I sent a link to this blog to their homepage !