Monday, July 18, 2011

Reader Reports Ongoing Fireworks, Garbage, Drugs Going On At The Park

A reader sent us the below email voicing frustration over the lack of respect to the park as well as those living nearby,  presumabley highschool students are engaging in, at our neighborhood park.

We have done previous posts on this, one just last month about late night partying at the firepit, drinking and garbage left behind. The firepit signs are covered in graffiti.

The Park closes at 10pm daily and everyone is required to leave at that time.  Residents are enouraged to call 911 to report disturbances, especially those after 10pm in the Park.

Here is the reader's email:
I wanted to get the word out that we’ve found a bunch of lighters (like the longer BBQ type) as well as beer bottles in the park next to the power station. 

We regularly smell cigarette and marijuana smoke coming from that direction and have seen kids (only boys although that doesn’t mean girls haven’t been there) running up there with backpacks on (often coming on bike or scooter and even out walking their dog in daylight).  They tuck deep in the corner and have complete coverage. 

Currently there are broken beer bottles, in-tact bottles as well as a strong smell of urine. 

We also have had fireworks going off in the street intersection of 41st Street and 45th avenue regularly since before the 4th.  One night they set up a street cone and the fireworks woke most of my neighbors up at 1am while they went on and on.  We jumped out of bed but didn’t see anyone. 

If people are missing their junior high boys, I suspect they’d find them here… I’d guess these kids are junior high or early high school. 

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