Friday, June 10, 2011

Large Loud Late Night Gatherings In The Park Reported And Leaving Behind A Big Mess

Readers have reported that large gatherings and loud parties have started up at the Fire Pit in the Park again.

This week-end, especially, will most likely be a busy week-end at the Fire Pit with many high school and the UW graduations taking place. And along with the warmer weather it seems the fire pit is a  popular meeting and party place.

However with residences close by, it causes quite a disturbance to many.

One reader reported that last week-end there were three nights of "parties and mess."

He goes on to say:

The amount of beer cans at the fire pit says it all. My neighbor was walking the dog last Saturday night at 9:30pm and she said there were close to 100 kids drinking and carring in cases of beer. The mess sunday was the worst I have seen it in a long time. We are finding not only beer cans and bottles but bags of marajuana and other drugs left behind in the dark. Most of the early morning walkers cleaned it up.

There are rules and instructions posted at the Fire Pit on keeping that area safe while in use and when leaving, though the sign has been unfotunately covered in graffiti.

When one of our staffers took a picture of the Fire Pit this morning, there was an elderly woman picking up a lot of garbage.

And another reader emailed that cars filled with high schol age kids have started parking on streets around Laurelhurst Elementary School with music blaring and possibly drinking and drugs going on inside the cars.

"When the cars finally leave, there is always a lot of garbage left on the street and on the sidewalk.  The cars also often circle the school with the music blasting very loud till very late at night," the reader said.

The Park closes at 10pm daily and everyone is required to leave at that time.

Residents are enouraged to call 911 to report disturbances, especially those after 10pm in the Park.

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Anonymous said...

fyi - they were seattle prep kids according to several neighbors who asked the kids