Friday, July 15, 2011

List of Addresses For This Week-end's Neighborhood Garage Sale

This week-end is the first annual LaurelhurstNeighborhood Garage Sale on Saturday and Sunday from 9-2pm.

If you would still like to participate, just put some signs up directing people to your house.

Here is the list Katie, the neighborhood coordinator, sent to us and she said probably about 10 more houses will just be joining in:

  • 4531 46th Ave NE
  • 4411 55th Ave NE
  • 4822 NE 41st St
  • 4525 NE 41st St
  • 4905 NE 40th St
  • 4723 NE 54th St
  • 3919 48th Ave NE
  • 51st Ave NE/NE 44th St
Katie told us that she's posted signs in the neighborhoods surrounding Laurelhurst, as well as at Tully's, Starbucks, QFC and Metropolitan Market. She also requested the information be posted in various neighborhood blogs. She submitted an ad on Craigslist and she also paid for ads on Seattle Weekly and

Katie has also put large posters at the entrances to the neighhood listing all the addresses she's received so far as well as an arrow sign at the end of each person's street.

If people feel like they want or need more signage, then Katie said they are of course free to add, to ensure customers are able to find their homes easily (especially if they are on a 'hidden street').

Thanks to Katie for coordinating this big neighborhood garage sale. Hopefully there will be lots of shoppers and no rain.

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