Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Laurelhurst Neighborhood Garage Sale Set For Week-end Of July 16th and 17th

Laurelhurst is having its first all neighborhood garage sale, thanks to reader Katie, whose idea we posted about a couple of weeks ago.

Several interested people contacted Katie followig the post and Katie has now set a date for the sale.

Katie writes "We are going ahead with the throw open the garage doors and see what happens!"

Anyone is welcome to participate. Just let Katie know your addreess and before the dale, put out some directional signs along with your for sale items at your home on the specific days of the sale, July 16 9am-4pm and Sunday, July 17 9am-2pm.

Katie and helpers may also put out additional directional signs around the neighborhood to help shoppers navigate between the garage sales at the various homes.

She says "I am hopeful that most people will be able to follow signs around the neighborhood and locate homes that are participating."

Katie's informational email being circulated says:

Start sorting your 'treasures' and use this as an opportunity to purge your home!

Great way for the kids to make a little spending money of their own for the summer--I tell my own kids that any old toys they sell, they get to keep the $$ (you'd be surprised how many old toys go out the door!).

Feel free to tell your friends and neighbors--everyone is invited to join in!

If you would like to participate please send us email at and we will put you in touch with Katie.

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