Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Deer Sighting In Laurelhurst

Deer in the park

Several readers sent us email about seeing a deer in the neighborhood on Friday, June 30th. And one reader even caught the deer on camera.

One reader, who lives on 38th Avenue NE, saw the deer standing right in the street at 7am on Friday.

The deer was spotted again by another reader in the park at noon.

The reader said that "the deer left the park and crossed NE 45th Street, walked down behind Children's Hospital and turned up NE 46th Street, trotted past the school and looked like it was heading  towards the Villa."

The Department of Game was notified.who said that this happens frequently because they can move through green belts around the lake.

Deer crossing the street near Laurelhurst Elementary School

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Anonymous said...

A deer, possibly the same one, was on NE 33rd Avenue yesterday, not far from the Sandy/Peerless intersection, which I am hoping it avoided.