Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Similar Accounts Of Suspicious Young Men Out Last Sunday Claiming To Be Practicing Their Social Skills

We received the following two emails from separate readers, but coincidentally with similar stories about a suspicious person knocking on their doors in the same general area in north area of Laurelhurst.

Email from reader received Sunday:

I live on NE 54th Street and 45th Avenue NE near Kattermans. At about 2pm today I was outside when I saw a man coming towards my house. I felt a bit weird about it so I went inside and locked the door. He proceeded to come up to the door and knock. I pretended to ignore it and then he continued and when I  didn't come he yelled out that he was a neighbor.

I opened the door a bit and called my mother while answering the door just to be safe.  He asked me if I was the queen of the castle and I said "I'm sorry who are you sir?  He said he lived nearby and was trying to meet cool people and that "they" needed to meet 5 new cool people in the neighborhood.

I politely responded thank you but I'm in the middle of the phone call. He then became defensive and accused me of being on a fake phone call as everyone seems to be doing he said. I said I'm sorry I have to go and he just stood there. He gave me a very weird feeling so I watch him as he proceeded to go and knock on almost every single door on the street as if he were in a way canvasing the neighborhood.

His description is about 25-28 years old, white male with a bit of a tan, probably about 5'9,  light brown to sandy blond hair.  He was wearing jeans, a turquoise t-shirt and a hooded zip up brown sweatshirt.

Email from another reader received yesterday who lives near NE 50th Avenue NE and 45th Avenue NE:

I wanted to report that we had 2 teenage caucasian kids knock on our door on Sunday afternoon. They said that had been home schooled and their mother wanted them to work on their social skills so they were going door to door talking to people to raise money for a trip/schooling?

Then they said their Dad was in Afghanistan. It all seemed a little odd and suspect. When my husband finally said he had to go as we were very busy, the boy got angry and said he was very busy too doing this.

They left but later when I went outside I noticed that someone (and I am assuming they did it) wrote the numbers 333 on our steps with our kids chalk that was sitting there. I was puzzled as to what it represented so I looked up what 333 means and it could mean the "trinity" or half devil. I just wanted to write about this as these kids made us a little uncomfortable and it seems a little weird.

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