Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Seattle Public Phone Surveys Under Way

If you have a student in a Seattle Public School,  expect a call starting this week as as the district starts its annual school climate survey, allowing families to provide feedback by touch-tone phone response,  operated by the District's automated SchoolMessenger, or a Web survey by email.

The website says:

Hearing from our families, staff, and students is critical to our efforts to improve education for every student. Seattle Public Schools has redesigned its annual school climate surveys, which will be given to all students, school staff, and families in the District.

We are gathering information about learning environments at our elementary, middle and high schools, including student engagement, academic rigor, discipline and safety, and family involvement.

Results of these surveys will help inform how we support each student's academic success.

Here is the schedule:

June 13-20 Families with children in grades K-5
June 14-21 Families with children in grades 6-8
June 15-22 Families with children in grades 9-12

For more details on the survey go here. And for questions email

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