Friday, May 13, 2011

Stolen Bike And Boat Have Been Found

Great news about two unfortunate situations we posted about over a week ago.  The stolen bike and boat have both been found.

The bike was located at a North Seattle pawn shop after the pawn shop employee provided the police, as is routine, a list of items received, including the bike.

The police then did an internet search on the bike and found the post on the Laurelhurst Blog and made the connection. 

The North Seattle Police Precinct then contacted the Blog staff and and we put them in contact with the owner.

The Blog staff was also contacted by the a UW police sergent, who also saw the bike information on the Laurelhurst Blog, and asked to be conected with the owner of the bike, as well as verify the matching police report and serial number.

The bike was first taken to a nearby consignment bike shop and the person who stole it was told that it was commission only upon sale of the bike. So the individual then took the bike with him and drove to the pawn shop to sell it.

Coincidentally, the owner of the bike left a photo and information at the same consignment bike shop before the bike was brought in for the attempted sale. The employees recognized the bike and they called the owner.

The owner of the bike is still waiting patiently for the return of his bike and has been told by the police that "unfortunately recovering property to the victim is sometimes a tedious and time consuming process."   He has seen photos of the bike and positively identified it.

And the boat was located in South Seattle very recently, hitched to the back of a stolen truck.

Laurelhurst Community Club Crime Prevention Coordinators would like to remind neighbors how important it is to file a police report and keep serial numbers and photos of your valuables. 

The Laurelhurst Blog staff are happy to have been a part of solving the case of the stolen bike. We thank the neighbors involved for sending in the information to post.

And then the power of the internet, starting with a neighborhood blog, took over for the happy ending.

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