Monday, April 18, 2011

Laurelhurst Viewridge Youth Soccer Registration Starts Tomorrow

Pat Hegarty, President of  LVR (Laurelhurst-View Ridge-Ravenna) Youth Soccer Club, sent us email saying that registration starts tomorrow and runs through May 21st, for the Fall Soccer Season, for players of all abilities from ages six to eighteen.

Here are some instructions Pat sent for registering:

If your child is new to LVR, you'll need to create a member account to register. Parents of last year's LVR players dont' need to set up an account, but can use the same one from the previous year.  There are tutorials for help logging in. 

Players who wish to play a year ahead of their natural birth age group must register with their natural birth age group, and then check that they wish to "Play Up" on the registration form.

Players register in the "Play Fall Soccer 2011” registration event. Coaches, Assistants, and Managers must register using the "Coach or Manager Team for Fall Soccer 2011" registration event.

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