Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring Egg Hunt At The Park Is On This Year!

We received an email from Cheryl, a recreation specialist with Seattle Parks and Recreation, sending us the good news that the annual Easter/Spring Egg Hunt will still take place this year on April 23rd at 10am sharp.

But Cheryl needs the community's help to put this on and make it a success, as Dena and her staff are no longer working at the Community Center due to budget cuts.

"In order to do this with a limited staff and limited funds, we are asking for community contributions of individually wrapped candies and/or small prizes to be dropped off at the community center during regular hours of business, and also for volunteers to help prepare for the event, as well as help the day of the event!" Cheryl says in her email.

To sign up to volunteer, give suggestions and find out more contact Cheryl at 386-9106.

The event is hosted by Seattle Parks and Recreation Laurelhurst Community Center Advisory Council.

Last year's Easter Egg Hunt, traditionally held on the grass in front of the Laurelhurst Community Center was well attended with over 200 kids.  It was one of the most well-attended community center events.

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Patricia said...

I'm in! My kids enjoyed this event when they were small. While I'm not happy that cuts needed to be made to our community center, I understand they were necessary and I believe that this community will be able to fill the gaps.

And I will ask my kids to help. Fun!