Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Another Car Prowl East Of The Park

A reader, who lives east of the park on NE 43rd Street, sent us email that her car was broken into a few weeks ago and her house and car keys are still missing:

Our car, unlocked, was broken into sometime during the week of February 20th. I was out of town and my husband decided to drive my car. I had left my car keys in his car when he took me to the airport. When I got back my keys were not in his car. He then realized he was also missing his GPS device. My guess is he did not realize he had left the car unlocked and someone took them.

We have been hit by car prowlers on our street at least a dozen times the last few years. I have not reported it to the police. 

If anyone finds a Saab remote key on a Saab keychain, along with a house key please let me know. Last time they ditched my wallet in the bushes and I found it so hoping I have the same luck. A bit unnerving to know someone has your house key and knows where you live.

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