Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sand Point Naval Air Station Recently Designated A Historic District

The Seattle Landmarks Preservation Board designated the Sand Point Naval Air Station as a historic district last week. It has been 23 years since the  last historic district,  Fort Lawton Landmark District, was designated as historic. 

The Friends of Naval Air Station Seattle Historic District, a group of community members and neighbors, spearheaded the effort starting last year, to get the historic buildings, structures, and the site recognized as a local landmark district.

With the designation as a historic district, any changes to the outside of the buildings and site elements will have to be reviewed by the Landmarks Preservation Board to ensure the integrity of the district.

The press release says:

The Sand Point Naval Air Station Historic District was designated because of its unique contribution to the history of not only Seattle, but to the nation as well:

· It was the first naval aviation facility established within the Thirteenth Naval District prior to WWll.
· It is the site of the first around-the-world flight.
· As Seattle’s first Municipal Airport from 1920-1926, it was important to the early development of the Boeing Company.
· Its buildings comprise a large collection of WPA built colonial Revival, Art Deco and Art Moderne architecture, and the site has rare examples of pre-WWII aviation hangers.
· As one of only four Naval Air Stations in the nation during WWll, it was important as a supply, training, and maintenance facility for the Pacific front.

The historic district is also listed in the National Register of Historic Places,  along with photos and a map.

Seattle has seven other preservation districts. Visit the  Seattle’s Historic Preservation Program for more information on the program.

The Friends of the Naval Station Historic District has a complete history, along with photos and much more on their website.

(photo courtesy of the UW photo collection)

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