Thursday, February 17, 2011

20 Year Laurelhurst Business, Bay Wolf Design Inc, Holding Showroom Open House Saturday

Baywolf Dalton, Inc, (3240 NE 45th Street), a licensed general contractor and design firm, is celebrating its 20th year in the neighborhood with a "Home Show" Open House on Saturday from 10-5pm. There will be refreshments and guests can enter to win 6 hours of design time valued at $540, which includes a home visit, measure, drawings and samples.

Nancy, the owner says "We love being in Laurelhurst for the last 20 years and wanted to share this with our neighbors!"

The special event will showcase a line of hand made to order area rugs with a variety special corner samples as well as Radiaflect insulation, new to Washington and developed for the space station, that lowers cooling costs.

Nancy, and her husband Eric, opened the business in December of 1989 when she says there was a huge amount of snow that hadn't melted in two weeks that resulted in the pipes bursting in the ceiling and four inches of standing water ruining all their displays and soaking the paperwork. The building owner made the repairs and their business has carried on for now 20 years.

Of their neighbors at that location, Nancy says their business started when there was also a ballet dance studio next door and another neighbor, Ron Jones, an architect, who became a life long friend and colleague. She says they've also seen the Wedge Cheese shop "arrive and unfortunately leave."

She told us that they have many Laurelhurst customers, and "at this point we find ourselves working for their children too." And when you go to the store or even walk by, she said that probably the most interesting or recognizable part is Max, their Scottish Terrior Max.

Nancy said they chose Laurelhurst because they live in View Ridge and NE Seattle is their community, including involvement in the Rotary Club of the University District, of which Nancy became President then District Governor last year. And she said many members live in Laurelhurst.

Nancy told us that she and her husband started this business "to offer a more comprehensive approach toward remodeling and decorating. Most contractors don't get involved in design and even the cabinet shops that do, don't get involved in window seats cushions or window treatments. You might not think this matters but if you are planning a window treatment that requires an exterior door that opens out instead of the more common interior swing; you'll have a problem. Our concept is simply to find solutions and make your home and your life better."

And their website says "Our designs have to be attractive and functional. We understand materials in a way most contractors don't. We work with products and materials that you just don't find in the stores. Even some of our manufacturers have incorporated our input and designs into their product lines."

As far as some design trends and tips, Nancy tells us that they are seeing cooler tones and people are "using more than one finish in kitchens; even incorporating teak or walnut tops in non-wet areas. Simple door styles in painted finishes or dark stains with contrasting countertops. More people are using engineered stone; Silestone or Cesarstone for durability that doesn't require maintenance. Wallpaper is making a comeback, in part because there are so many choices that look like or actually are fabric. Some are scrub-able. Outdoor fabrics have now evolved into soft indoor looking chenille's; sun resistant and washable. Clients want great looking, durability and low maintenance furnishings."

And the hand made rug corner samples they will be showing on Saturday are "actual 12 inch corners of rugs that were made. These were the 'approval' sample. Any color of wool, silk and even bamboo can be made into any style or texture you can imagine. We can create a pattern; use 2 colors or 20. The rugs can be 'cut pile", 'looped', have higher areas in the pattern and lower areas. With the addition of silk or bamboo you can add luster. One of the samples looks like it's been knitted and the color goes from light to dark. Each single yarn is inserted individually by hand and yet they cost the equivilent of a hand made oriental rug. Every client I've worked with tells me that it will be passed down through the generations of their family. Something of a cedar chest."

And the insulation that will also be previewed on Saturday Nancy tells us "was developed for the space station because when it goes behind the earth the temperature drops to 200 degrees below zero and in the sun reaches 200 above. It's R value is R-11 and is made to be used in conjunction with what a client already has in their attic or walls. The amazing part of the material is that it is only 1/4" thick. With standard R-11 on a 4 9/16" thick wall (old style of construction); if you add this material you have R-22, more insulation than in a new home with 6" thick walls. Most homes in this area loose the majority of their heat through the attic space, about 45%. This simple product can save you 15-25% on your heating and cooling costs. This varies depending on specific conditions; windows, skylights and existing insulation R values."

The showroom is open Monday to Friday 9-5pm and Saturday 10-5pm and also by appointment. Phone number is 523-1123 and email is or check out their Facebook page.

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