Monday, January 17, 2011

Children's Hospital Development SAC Meeting Tomorrow Night

Children’s Hospital and the City have put together the SAC (Standing Advisory Committee) made up of representatives of Children’s Hospital and surrounding neighborhoods to advise the City and Children’s Hospital on development that is occuring under the provisions of the Children’s Hospital Major Institution Master Plan.

Tomorrow night at 6pm in the Sound Cafe (5th Floor Whale Zone at Children's Hospital the SAC will hold it's 6th meeting.

The main focus of the meeting will be on the development of the SAC’s comments regarding the helistop master use permit. The SAC had delayed comments pending the issuance of the EIS addendum on relocation of the helistop. The addendum has now been issued and the SAC will resume discussions and develop its comments. Public comment period has been extended until February 3rd.

Here is the agenda in the order the items will follow:

  • Brief update on the construction management plan by Todd Johnson of Children's and two others from Sellen Construction.
  • Presention on livable streets presented by Pablo Nunes-Ueno with Children's.
  • City of Seattle DPD presentation on the addendum to the final EIS regarding relocation of the existing helistop
  • Committee clarifying questions and answers
  • 7pm: Public comment
  • SAC discussion of possible comments to Children’s the possible helistop MUP
  • 8:30 adjourn













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