Wednesday, December 15, 2010

UPS Packages Stolen From Porches In The Neighborhood

Laurelhurst Community Club Crime Prevention received a report that two residences have had UPS packages stolen from their porches.

The first incident occurred on December 8th in the 5000 block of Ivanhoe Place NE. This neighbor may have had 4 packages stolen and is sorting it out with UPS. They have filed a police report.

The second theft occurred sometime the same week in the 5000 block of 48th Ave NE. This neighbor is in the process of filing a report.

The Seattle Police Department says this is a common crime during the holiday season.

LCC Crime Prevention advises that if you see any suspicious people, possibly on foot with a backpack or they appear to be following a UPS, FEDEXP or any type of mailing services truck, call 911.

And if you are expecting a package and will not be home to receive it, ask a neighbor to pick it up for you immediately.

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