Thursday, December 23, 2010

Report of Suspicious Vehicle Driving Around Streets Near Villa Academy

A reader sent in this account that happened yesterday of a potentially suspicious vehicle slowly driving around a few streets  tucked in near the Villa Academy School property, perhaps looking for packages to take, people on vacation or other scenarios.

The reader writes "this afternoon at 4:30PM as I was returning home I watched a shiny black SUV with custom chrome wheels (looked like a Cheve Tahoe type vehicle) with darkly tinted windows (rolled down part way) driven by a 20-35yo white male, drive down the street slowly checking out each house carefully where there were no cars in the driveway or lights on. Sure looked like a fellow checking to see likely targets for vacation break-ins. Was not able to get the plates,

"I then watched from the corner of Ivanhoe and 50th Avenue NEand saw that he headed up and circled Nicklas and Harold (Streets) slowly, hoping he would come by again so as to get a positive ID (he did not). As I was on my bike and did not have car keys handy did not give chase to get the license when he did not return to Ivanhoe."

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