Friday, December 17, 2010

Neighborhood Sock Drive A Big Success Including Many Beautiful Knitted Donations

Cary Lassen, Laurelhurst Community Club Crime Prevention Co-Chair, sent us update on the neighborhood sock drive that she has been doing for the last month for the Seattle Police North Precinct Sock Drive.

She told us that the neighborhood pitched in again this year and generously donated 500 socks, hats, scarves and gloves. Some neighbors knitted some beautiful hats and one neighbor in particular, who remains anonymous, even made an adorable hooded baby sweater.  Cary would like to give a special thank-you to all the knitters. Pictured above are some of their donations.

Thanks also to the Seattle Community Church for their generosity and the Laurelhurst second grade Brownie troop for their big bag of socks and to everyone who dropped off donations to Cary's porch.

Sergeant Dianne Newson, pictured above, came up with the idea for the sock drive to donate socks to low-income medical patients who didn't have replacment socks after treatment. She gradually got community groups involved and this year over 4,628 pairs of socks were donated, with the University Business District donating the most at 3,430 pairs of socks.

Sergeant Newsom greatly appreciates all the donations and will be distributing the items including caps, gloves, scarves, t-shirts and washcloths to various shelters, clinics and organizations throughout the city.

Some of the neighborhood knitted donations

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