Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Laurelhurst Mom Holds First Clothing Design Kids Birthday Party

Ming-Ming Tung-Edelman is a Laurelhurst mom who designs her own line of children’s apparel called Totally Me Artful Wear by MiMi Bug. We profiled her business in May of this year.

She has now expanded her business to doing private birthday parties where kids can design their own clothes right at the party.

She held her first birthday party for her line of clothing last month in Laurelhurst for a group of  6-7 year old Laurelhurst Elementary School  girls. She said the party "provided fun and creativity while fostering fine motor skills for all the kids in attendance."

Ming-Ming said her clothes have interchangeable ribbons and buttons for outfits and the kids “love the endless fun ways to create unique looks." Every child was able to pick from different clothes such as skirts, shirts, and bags and then each girl made her own unique outfits by adding one-of-kind double sided buttons and looping through colorful ribbons.

In addition, the girls brought their 18 inch dolls and made outfits to match their own newly designed clothing.

And along with designing clothes for themselves and their dolls, the kids got to wear their clothes at the party.  She said  no two kids built the same outfits at the party and "it was super fun and cute to see them wearing the clothes they made and playing with their matching dolls."

And even at home after the party is over, the kids can continue to remake the outfits as the clothing has interchangeable button-and ribbon slots, so kids can continue "to express their unique self as they wish."

Ming-Ming said the party was a great success and she looks forward to being a part of more birthday parties, which she can tailor to the family's desire with a minimum of 4 items for the party. She said it is a perfect way for kids to enjoy time together while being creative.

She said her birthday parties for her clothing lines are "very interactive and creative, great for birthday. I personally will come and bring an assortment of unique buttons and ribbons along with desired clothing items, and show kids how to build' their own outfits."

Ming-Ming will be expanding her line to also include boys, pants and soon hats, mittens and gloves.

If you'd like to learn more about having her come to a birthday party or to learn more about Totally Me Artful Wear by MiMiBug go here or email

And just for Laurelhurst Blog readers, Ming-Ming will take 15% off towards your next purchase.

And you can see her line in person at the upcoming Winter Holiday Craft Show at the Laurelhurst Community Center December 3rd and 4th.

(photo of girls at birthday party)

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