Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Speak at Public Hearing Today on Proposed Cuts to Laurelhurst Community Center

Today at 5:30pm is another Public Hearing on the 2011 Budget and specifically on the proposed funding cuts to Laurelhurst Community Center.

This meeting is critical for the community to attend as numbers of people showing up and testifying (especially kids) is very persuasive in influencing the City Council.

The Hearing is in Brockey Center at South Seattle Community College, 6000 16th Avenue SW, 98106.

Sign-in to speak is at 5pm and the Public Hearing starts at 5:30pm.

Here is a message Jeannie Hale, President of Laurelhurst Community Club, sent to the NE Seattle Moms Yahoo Group yesterday:

Hi Moms and Dads (and kids),

Can you please spare some time to attend the budget public hearing tomorrow night? It's a ways away (South Seattle Community College in West Seattle).  I can drive and will help with transportation or carpools.  If we leave around 4 p.m., we would get there to sign in early and could then leave.  

We could go up as a group and if you are shy, you wouldn't have to say anything. Kids are very welcome and they influence councilmembers in a major way.

Please, if there is one thing you do for your community this year, make this be your choice. If we don't show up, they will think we don't care.

The final Public Hearing is Tuesday, October 26, at 5:30 p.m. (sign-in at 5), at Seattle City Hall, 600 Fourth Avenue, 98104.

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