Thursday, October 7, 2010

SDOT's New Walking Map Tracks Walk Times in Minutes and Steepness

Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) has created a new pedestrian  walking map that is "designed to help Seattle residents and visitors choose a walking route that best suits their interests and fitness level" the website says. The routes vary to include those that follow sidewalks, shoulders on quiet streets, as well as park trails.

The routes on the Seattle Walking Map come from a variety of sources, including Feet First, and SDOT.

You can plan your exact walk and the approximate amount of time it will take as all of the routes and paths on the map have been labeled with the time in minutes that  it takes to walk each segment based on the length. The estimates are very general in that they don't take into account the steepness of a street and other factors.

Street Grades are also specficially designated with yellow shading representing a steeper grade and a more challenging and varied route.

The map also divides the city into three sections: north, central, and south with some adjoining sections of the map including some overlap, if the selected route crosses from one section to another.

Here is a map of North Seattle and here is the full Seattle map.

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