Friday, October 22, 2010

Pedestrian Struck Yesterday on NE 45th Street and 42nd Avenue NE

Cary Lassen, with Lauurelhurst Community Club Crime Prevention, let us know that an adult pedestrian was hit by a car on NE 45th Street and 42nd Avenue NE around 9:10am yesterday. The victim's injuries were not severe.

Police believe that speed was not a factor in the accident. The car was turning left from NE 45th Street when it struck the pedestrian who was crossing 42nd Avenue NE.

The speed limit on NE 45th Street is 30 mph and Cary says drivers frequently exceed this limit.

She advises all drivers to slow down on NE 45th Street.

She says:

Watch for pedestrians crossing, particularly children ( it is 'Walk to School' month) and for cyclists on the hill. As we are entering the darker winter months, it is even more difficult to see pedestrians.

Although there are no painted crosswalks, it is the law that you must stop for pedestrians trying to cross at the intersections.

Cyclists, be extremely cautious descending the hill because of cars pulling out from 40th Ave NE . This is the site of a car/ cyclist collision that occurred in the past.

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