Monday, October 4, 2010

Neighbor's Letter To Council Members to Save Laurelhurst Community Center

The Belvins, very long time residents of Laurelhurst, sent the below letter to City Council Members regarding the proposed closure of Laurelhurst Community Center as a hub for neighborhood classes, events and programs due to dramatically reduced funds available in the 2011 budget.

Helen says in an email "The more people who are willing to get involved the greater are our chances of success."

Getting involved only takes a minute by submitting your comments on-line here which will automatically go to all City Council Members. Cursor down the page and click on “this form" then type in your message.

Here is the letter the Belvins sent to the City:

Dear Council Members,

Please, we implore you, do everything you can to retain current funding for the Laurelhurst Community Center. This institution serves vital needs of the community in every age group and the thought of being open only 15 hours of week is devastating.

If the hours are so dramatically cut, loads of creative, educational, sports and other programs will disappear. Young mothers with small children and the elderly will be especially hard hit.

Going to other centers for these opportunities will be nearly impossible for a variety of reasons. Walking, pushing strollers and bicycling will no longer be an option.

We know sacrificial cuts must be made, but please let the Laurelhurst Community Center continue serving our community.

The Belvins

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