Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Bill the Butcher Coming to Old Can-Am Space

Finally the old Can-Am space will no longer be empty.

Welcome to Bill the Butcher who is setting up shop very soon in our neighborhood.

Bill the Butcher, currently located in Woodinville, is adding a second store in Laurelhurst.

Their website says, "William Von Schneidau is a master butcher and professional chef who is on a mission to bring the butchery back to the neighborhood. His goal is to connect the local farmers and vintners with your families table and remind everyone what truly great meat is all about.

We sell only locally sourced and ethically raised meat, poultry and wild seafood that will give you professional restaurant quality results at home."

Check out the list of products.

The contractors have been busily preparing the space the last few weeks for an opening next week.

We sent Bill the Butcher email asking some specifics and received this back:

"Thanks for the warm reception. Your blog is a great resource and thanks to it we were able to get in at the last minute to donate gift certificates for the Elementary school auction.

Our current target for opening is the 18th of February. That is dependant on construction and permits but it looks like we are on target.

We are going to do a soft opening at first for a few weeks just to find our comfort zone and work out the kinks and then we'll have a Grand Opening celebration approx 1 month after that.

We are very excited to come in to this community it is a perfect match for our concept and product."

With our best,
The Staff of Bill the Butcher
The Only Meat to Eat

Here are some pics a staffer took a few days ago....


Adrianne said...

This looks amazing, no hormone meat, wow!

Anonymous said...

Organic? Grass-fed? NOT! Seems like Bill the Butcher is mis-representing the pedigree of his products. Read this article in The Stranger for details:

Anonymous said...

So...a thinking person would trust The Stranger? Who knew?