Thursday, April 29, 2021

Today TV Series Being Filmed Near The Park

"Three Busy Debras, a cable quarter hour comedy television series, is being filmed today in a home in the 4200 block of 48th Avenue NE as well as in the park. The home recently sold for $2,650,000.

Television production trucks are set up along 48th Avenue NE, on the east side of Laurelhurst Park, including multiple trailers used as dressing rooms, others for lighting and production equipment as well as generators. Portable restrooms are set up in the parking lot of the Park. 

The production company has received a City permit  for reserved parking between NE 45th Street and NE 39th Street for the numerous trailers and trucks.  Access to through traffic along 48th Avenue NE is restricted to local resident access only, with appropriate signage and flaggers.

It appears that filming may also take place in the Park sometime today as numerous small desks and chairs are set up on the south eastern side in between the parking lot and the home where filming is occurring. 

 "Three Busy Debras premiered on Cartoon Network's late-night programming blockAdult Swim on March 30, 2020.  Many of the scenes for Season 1 were filmed in Snoqualmie.

The show "follows the surreal day-to-day lives of three deranged housewives, all named Debra, in their affluent suburban town of Lemoncurd, Connecticut."  

The show is executive produced by Amy Poehler and Kim Lessing through Paper Kite Productions.

According to Hollywood Reporter, Adult Swim started experimenting with late-night programming in an attempt to see if teenagers or young adults would tune in after hours.

On May 31, 2020, Adult Swim renewed the series for a second season, which will include scenes from the film production in Laurelhurst today. Other scenes were also shot in a film production studio under the West Seattle Bridge, according to one of the actors at the Park.

Here is some information about  "Three Busy Debras:

Three Busy Debras follows three women named Debra who, well, live quite busy lives. 
Created by Mitra Jouhari, Sandy Honig, and Alyssa Stonoha, who star as the three Debras, met while performing with the sketch comedy group, Upright Citizens Brigade, where the initial idea for Three Busy Debras came about during one of their performances. 
They then turned it into a one act play, then a web series, before finally bringing it to television — and nabbed a star producer in Amy Poehler. 
Within its short episodes — around 12 to 15 minutes each — Three Busy Debras parodies suburban life, specifically that of suburban housewives, along with wealth and privilege. The three individual Debras, must exist within the umbrella of being the group of Debras, while also existing on their own.

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