Friday, April 26, 2019

Status Of Eagles Nest Near 55th Avenue NE

Eagles' nest June 2018 on 55th Avenue NE

The Laurelhurst Blog has received inquiries about the status of the eagles nest on the north side of 55th Avenue NE, along the waterfront.

One neighbor said:

Do you know anything about the pair of eagles at the north end of 55 Avenue NE.  They lost their nest in a wind storm many months ago, and then rebuilt it.  The tree is now leafed out so it's hard to see how the eaglets are fairing. 

Another neighbor commented:

Does anyone have info about the eagles' nest is at the waterfront at the very north end of 55 Ave. NE? In the past week during our walk we have seen just one eagle, with a white head, sitting on one of the branches near the nest twice. 

In January of last year, the Laurelhurst Blog posted about the long-time eagles nest, which could be seen from residences on 55th Avenue NE, that had suddenly disappeared. 

A concerned neighbor said at the time: 

I was looking out my window  and the nest that I've seen a tree, which can be seen from some homes on 55th Avenue NE, along the water, that has been there for years is no longer there.  The nest is in the dead tree on the lake near the dead-end at 55th Avenue NE. 
However the two eagles are still there. Does anyone know what happened to the nest? What will happen to the Eagles?  
Other neighbors sent in information following the post,saying that it seemed that the nest was gone shortly after a big windstorm: 

So sad.  I too have seen one eagle sitting in the spot where their nest is while the other one soars around the tree.  What DOES happen to them now?  
The nest may have fallen. It could be down at the foot of the tree. Eggs may already have been laid or the mother eagle has not yet laid them. It takes a while to build a new nest. Eagles are probably mourning the loss of nest and maybe the eggs. No safe place to go at this point. This is their “safe” territory. 

In July 2017 a neighbor reported:

There is another eagles nest on 55th Avenue NE and we saw two extra heads in the nest.  Please let neighbors know not to shoot off fireworks on July 4th, out of consideration of the eagles and of the dogs in the neighborhood.  We are also very curious about the eagles at Talaris. 

We saw two adults, and a younger eaglet, or fledgling, were being harassed by crows last weekend on Surber Drive and NE 41st Street. We also saw 7 playing in the wind about a week ago south of the Laurelhurst Beach Club.

Please contact if you have information to share about the eagles' nest.

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