Friday, February 17, 2017

City Launches Medicine Return Program And Drop Boxes

Bring medicines in their original container, or if you have loose pills, bring them in a zip-lock bag.

King County has recently launched a medicine return program funded by the drug companies that sell medicines into King County.

The public can, at no charge, safely dispose of medicines no longer needed by taking them to drop-boxes located throughout King County, including the QFC Pharmacy at the University Village. Participating pharmacies, clinics, hospitals, and law enforcement offices will accept most prescription and over-the-counter medicines for disposal. Mail-back envelopes are also available for residents who are homebound or have limited mobility.

The program aims to decrease the risk of drug abuse, overdose, and preventable poisonings.

The information says:
Unused, expired, and leftover drugs that accumulate in homes increase the risk of drug abuse, overdose, and preventable poisonings while unwanted medicines flushed down toilets and sinks or thrown in the trash can end up in the environment. Ninety nine drop-boxes are available and over four hundred drug producers are participating.

For more information go here.

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