Monday, September 16, 2013

Talaris New Four Foot Fence Is Up, Neighbors Comments And Questions

The black vinyl 4' fencing was put up along NE 41st Street at Talaris on Saturday with a crew of about 7 people, including 2 Talaris employees.  Many neighbors reported to us that the "metallic" noise was quite loud in putting up the fence which which was they felt was a nuisance to hear over the week-end.

Here are comments we received over the week-end:
The City of Seattle website says  no permit needed if fence is less than 8' but there are restrictions for environmentally critical areas, such as wetland. The address for Talarias shows environmentally critical areas of slope, abandoned landfill, liquefaction zone, peat settlement, prone riparian corridor wetlands and wildlife preservation area.

What other surprises do they have for their "neighbors"?
So sad that someone like Bruce McCaw with his reputation in the community would be so unneighborly.
This fence is an example of how the rich have so little regard for the average person. The fence is an abomination!
Sounds like Talaris is trying to not have their property subject to easement by the public who have been openly using it for all these years. I guess the question I would have is if anyone is  can public easement be claimed on the Talaris property given it has been used by the public for so many years?

I heard at the Salmon Bake last week from neighbors that a group of kids that showed up to play soccer on the buffer were asked to leave—despite the fact they’ve used that area forever, no one else uses it and it doesn’t bother anyone!

I am just so discouraged by this development.  We have worked so hard to keep things open and friendly with the owners' reps. it's such a shame that they are about to shut us all out of this place we love so much. it just seems like a man-spirited, and unnecessary act of aggression.

Of course they are putting up fence!  I expected something rude from them as payment for Laurelhurst fighting their development plans and the eagle situation--as my mother said the dogs have the day and the cats have the night-- what goes around comes around!  Expect more payback from these dogs!


The developers were frustrated bullies during their informational meetings and it comes to no surprise to me that they are using mean spirited tactics in retaliation to them not getting their way. I must say they are really showing their true colors. I feel so very sorry for all of us who have had the opportunity to enjoy the space for decades, only to lose it without the courtesy of informing us.
I continue to be worried about the eagles and the new fence. This time I am worried they may get caught up in the fence and I wonder if there is regulation regarding this. 

I'm proud that our neighborhood saw them for who they are from the beginning and pushed back and hopefully we will win the good fight and save this very unique property.
I have walked my dog there for years. He always gets so excited when he knows where we're going and I love walking there as well. I find this extremely upsetting and sad.
These owners are doing a wonderful job of swaying public opinion against them for absolutely no reason.
Talaris actions are unconsiona​ble.
Interesting that they started putting in the fence on a Saturday as DPD’s complaint line is closed.  
Residents should file a complaint immediately to the City's Department of Planning and Development) by submitting the Code Violation Complaint Form  and including the Talaris address of 4000 NE 41st Street.  It is not clear if there is a code violation (environmentally critical area, wetlands, post digging close to those large trees is damaging their root systems, with the possibility of killing them, especially if classified as “exceptional” with added protection, eagle protection regulations) but that is something that can be suggested in the submission.  List Alan Stephens, as the contact,(phone number 206-268-7090) as George and Nathan, the Talaris representatives are unresponsive.. His phone number which must be listed is 206-571-7487.  Also list Steve Goff, PC Management, sgoff@pcmgt.uson the complaint. 

You can also call the Violation Complaint Line at (206) 615-0808 or 
 for time-sensitive complaints or go in  person at 700 Fifth Ave, 19th floor. Or

send us a letter to:
Department of Planning and Development
Code Compliance
700 Fifth Ave., Suite 2000
P.O. Box 34019
Seattle, WA 98124-4019

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