Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Update on Construction At Children's Hospital

Aerial photo taken November 15, 2011, showing the new structure with all of the steel beams in place at its topped-out height.

Work continues on the excavation for, and forming of, a retaining wall on the west side of the existing Train building  scheduled to be completed by Friday. The wall will have an embossed design in the concrete to keep with the natural elements at the hospital. Over time the wall will be obscured by plants that grow over it.

The installation of structural steel is complete but crews are still finalizing the welding and metal decking activities. The cladding steel supports the exterior walls and window system. Crews are currently installing the metal stud-framed walls that will make up the interior and exterior framing of the building.

Crews are also installing fireproofing on the interior and exterior steel. They are working primarily behind the fabric that is hanging from one floor at a time which will end next month.

Work is underway on the sky bridges that connect the current facility with the new structures. These two new skybridges will incorporate natural light, art and interactive elementsso that pedestrians can appreciate the beautiful views. 

The fifth floor sky bridge will connect the inpatient rooms and the services that patients and families regularly require, such as the cafeteria and the Family Resource Center. And the fourth floor sky bridge will offer the same for critical care patients, who need private aUccess to beds and equipment.

For more information check out the Hospital's Weekly Construction Bulletin, which is part of their regularly updated Construction Blog.

(photo courtesy of Construction Blog)

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