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Tonight Hear About Children's Hospital's Next Phase Possibly Impacting North Laurelhurst Neighbors

Tonight the community is invited to attend Children's Hospital Meeting with the SAC (Standing Advisory Committee) to hear about upcoming plans for "Copper Project" - a new surgery pavilion and parking garage at the north end of Laurelhurst, in the area of 45th Avenue NE and NE 50th Street.

The proposed height is 37 feet and according to images prepared by the architect,  neighbors on 44th Avenue NE will be able to see the top of both of the proposed buildings.

Here is a pre-recorded presentation on the project.

Here is the presentation for tonight.

Here is the WebEx info to join the meeting.  

Public comments must be sent in before the meeting to Maureen at or 206-684-0302.

The comments will be emailed to the SAC and Children's and will also be read during the public comment agenda item at tonight's meeting.

Here is the agenda:
  • Welcome /Introductions - Richard Loo, Chair, SAC
  • 6:00 Meeting #24 Context  
  • 6:10 Housekeeping • Review & Adopt 2/26/20 Minutes  
  • 6:15 Forest B Update – Schedule & Progress: Vickie Cleator, Seattle Children’s Dave Scalzo, Sellen, Committee Clarifying Questions 
  • 6:30 Project Copper:  SAC Schedule & Role in Review Process/Project Overview/ Sand Point Way Improvements and perimeter views/ Preliminary Construction Access: Plan Maureen Sheehan, DON Tobin Thompson, ZGF Dave Scalzo, Sellen,   Committee Clarifying Questions 
  • 7:05 Public Comment Public 
  • 7:15 Committee Deliberation Committee
  • 8:00 PM Adjournment and scheduling of next meeting Richard Loo
Master Use Permit 3036201-LU states, as well as the signs around the perimeter:
Land use application to allow a 3-story building addition to existing institution (Children’s Hospital, Surgery Pavilion & Garage (2 buildings connected by a bridge span). Parking for 1,138 vehicles proposed. Portion of existing garage to be demolished. Addendum to Final Environmental impact Statement for Seattle Children’s Hospital Major Institution Master Plan dated November 2008, has been prepared.
The public is encouraged to submit comments to the City by 9/2 to or by mail to: Department of Construction & Inspections ATTN: Public Resource Center P.O. Box 34019 Seattle, WA 98124-4019.

The original comment period was August 26, but LCC requested that SDCI extend its public comment by 14 days since it is a very complex institutional projec and the original date would have been before the SAC meeting when the public would see the presentation for the first time. LCC said "After that presentation, our adjacent Community Club and other stakeholders will need time to prepare their public comments."

Maureen Sheehan, Major Institutions and Schools Coordinator shared this information with community members on her emailing list:
Seattle Children’s has been in the planning process for two new buildings, being called Project Copper, under the existing Master Plan. We are planning to hold the first in a series of on-line Standing Advisory Committee meetings to receive a detailed project presentation and review and comment on Project Copper later this Summer. These meetings will be run like the in-person meetings, i.e. open to the public, public comment will be taken, etc. 
LCC submitted these concerns and comments:
In accordance with the City Council bill from April 5th, 2010, and the Settlement Agreement  (Feb 2010) that was agreed upon which allowed the hospital to add 2.1 million square feet of new buildings and parking, the role of LCC continues to be the compliance with "rules" that govern their Major Institution Master Plan, the MIMP. The overarching goal of both of these documents is to provide a balance of liveability for neighbors and allow growth for the needs of SCH. 
To date, LCC and the public have had real "process" problems with getting the information needed for analysis. SCH also had the "comment deadline" before the public viewed these plans at the SAC meeting! 
The EIS addendum is still in a format on their permit website that is locked out to the public as well as their document about proof of "Need" for the added surgery rooms and parking.  LCC has requested it 3 times, but they claim they cannot get "the Applicant" to fix it.   
The location of the development, the additional exit lane on Penny Drive and the large massing of the added buildings and parking , plus 17 feet of height for mechanical equipment will have visual and noise, and glare impacts on surrounding residences.  On this mechanical roof of the surgery what is the noise level predicted? Can it be mitigated? 
Neighbors want to ensure that it respects the promised 75 foot "setback" around the campus where it is adjacent to residences. One question that the City should answer is what is the purpose of a setback, and what is allowed in it by code? 
There is more hardscape added in the NW campus for new buildings and an added access road and a new turnaround along the NE corner of the site for "access" vehicles. Residences are located along 44th Avenue NE and 45th Avenue NE and NE 50th Street and a new two lane road is planned to be located in the 75 foot buffer, a requirement in the Conditions of the MIMP for its approval. Cannot the new buildings be made in a smaller footprint to comply with the green buffer along residential borders, and add the road , outside of the 75 foot green buffer?    
Since the original operating rooms have had issues with Aspergillums mold, what air quality emission controls will protect neighbors whose residences are located below the new surgery pavilion , albeit at a height 75 feet away from the buffer? How will toxic waste be removed? 
The elevations show a tall "wall " of structure along these residential streets when completed. What mitigation will reduce this visual barrier? What is the composition of trees. 
There will be over 390,000 square feet of new development, and the majority of the demo and construction will occur nearby the residences on NE 50th Street, 44th Avenue and 45th Avenue NE on a temporary road. How will the impacts from construction dust and noise and emission be controlled and mitigated for neighbors?   
Noise. tall lights, and seeing tall walls are something for neighbors to question, and better to do it now than after it is approved.

A north Laurelhurst neighbor submitted these comments.

In the 2010 MIMP there is strong language regarding Children's commitment to move the bulk of there expansion "downhill" and the "extraordinary mitigation measures" that were incorporated into the MIMP.  building a surgery pavilion at the top of the hill on Children's property is not consistent with a number of the statements that Children's made in the adopted MIMP.   
The eastern edge1 of Children’s property is at the highest elevation of the entire property. The proposed Surgery Pavilion would be sited on the eastern edge. In other words, the Pavilion is proposed to be sited as high “uphill” as Children’s site allows. This is opposite of the development conditions indicating that new hospital additions to the existing campus should be sited “downhill.”   
The Master Plan will primarily utilize the lower elevations of the expanded campus for new development.  The majority of the new buildings will be located on the lowest areas of the expanded hospital campus and closest to Sand Point Way NE and 40th Avenue NE on Laurelon Terrace. 2010 MIMP, page 42. 
While the 2010 MIMP did show a potential parking garage near the corner of 44th Ave. NE and NE 50th Street, a garage is not a hospital facility

For more information on the project go here.

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