Thursday, May 21, 2020

Seattle Public Schools Daily Neighborhood Lunch Delivery

Seattle Public Schools comes through Laurelhurst daily in a big yellow School Bus to deliver sack lunches to students.  

The bus stops at the corner of NE 50th Street and 47th Avenue NE at 11:35am daily. The person who hands out the lunches is wearing gloves and a mask.

Lunch consists of a sandwich, drink, vegetable and fruit. On Fridays, Seattle Public Schools also hands out food bags with snacks and other items for the week-end.

The delivery will also happen on Monday, even though it is a holiday.

Seattle Public Schools posted this information:
Seattle Public Schools is committed to providing meal service to students during this pandemic. Seattle Public Schools will provide student sack meals on many bus routes. 
The sack meals, which are prepared by our central kitchen staff, are available for all Seattle Public Schools students.

Go here for more information.

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