Tuesday, May 19, 2020

New Emergency Hub Organized by Neighborhood LEAP

The Laurelhurst Community Club (LCC) posted this information in a recent newsletter:

Here Comes the Laurelhurst Communications Hub!
LEAP (Laurelhurst Emergency Action Plan) thanks Laurelhurst neighbors for helping reach the goal of $15,000 for the Laurelhurst emergency communications Hub.   
LEAP has already begun work on building and equipping the Hub. The concrete pad has been poured. Located at St. Stephen’s Church, the Hub will activate in the event of a major emergency (e.g., a catastrophic earthquake), when regular communications (landline and cell phones) are unavailable. 
The Hub will set up tents where neighbors can report what they need and find information about handling the disaster. Ham radios will enable trained volunteers to communicate with other Hubs and with the City to report crucial needs and to get the latest City news about available services. 
Having an established Hub in Laurelhurst will greatly increase our neighborhood’s resilience in an emergency. Again, thanks to all those who have contributed money and time to LEAP! Watch this newsletter for news about future Hub open houses and drills.
LEAP (Laurelhurst Earthquake Action Preparedness), a grassroots organization started by Laurelhurst residents, works closely with LCC, who supports its efforts. 

LEAP has created and organized local clusters, assisted by over 70 cluster captains ciovering about 20 homes each, in preparation for emergency response. Additional duties include help with building a family disaster supplies kit and establishing an emergency plan with neighbor, including a designated meeting and distributes LEAP communications to neighbors. 

LEAP has participated in UW’s resilience research project for local communities. 

For more information email LEAPLaurelhurst@outlook.com.

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