Friday, July 13, 2018

Seattle City Light Finishing Upgrade In Webster Point Area

Seattle City Light has been upgrading the capacity and reliability of the electrical system near Webster Point, beginning in March 2015.

The workwhich affected 84 residences in that area, included installation of underground conduits, vaults, and equipment in order to replace outdated 4kV electrical equipment with its electrical cable buried directly in the ground, to a new 26kV infrastructure throughout Webster Point.

Seattle City Light told the Laurelhurst Blog Staff recently that crews are completing the final improvements to the capacity and reliability of the electrical system this month, that was previously started. 

The current project will install 27 underground transformers throughout the Webster Point area.  

Seattle City Light said:

Planned power outages are necessary to do the work safely. A few customers will experience up to three planned power outages during the work. Affected customers are being notified in advance by letter, which includes the date, time and duration of the outage(s). 
“No parking” signs will be placed at some electrical vaults. Customers are asked to respect them so the work can proceed efficiently. 

Besides the increase in capacity and reliability, the new 26kV system with its conduit and increased switching points will make for easier and quicker maintenance when it is required.   
Seattle City Light appreciates the patience of its customers during the completion of the project.

For questions contact Dennis Dolezal, Customer Service Representative, at 206-684-4977 or

Typical view during construction: Conduits under sidewalk

Typical after: sidewalk restored

(photos courtesy of Seattle City Light)

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