Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Emergency Hub Established In Neighborhood

Laurelhurst Community Club (LCC) published this information in their recent newsletter:

LEAP: Emergency Hub Established in Laurelhurst 
John Temple, LEAP leader, reports that St. Stephen’s front lawn is now our neighborhood meeting place following a devastating earthquake or other major catastrophe. St. Stephens also agreed to put the storage container to equip our new HUB with communications gear on their property.  
We now need to buy that storage POD and all its contents. Things such as: Short wave and GRMS radios, large antenna, large batteries, inverter, generator, enclosed tents, chairs, computer, printer, display boards, hard hats, vests, tools, table, the container itself, and so much more. These emergency support items will cost about $20,000. It is time to donate to your own community’s preparedness and resilience.  
The next closest operational networked HUBs are about five miles away in Victory Heights or Lake City. We would have to send runners there for communications needs. And, they will be busy with their own needs.  
To reach $20,000, we need $200 from just 100 people. Or, $12 from each and every household in Laurelhurst. Don’t just let other people do this. Be those other people.  
Please send your tax-deductible donation to LCC Foundation and mail to: LCC Foundation/LEAP, PMB #373, 4616 25th Ave. NE, Seattle 98105. To make your donation online, click the Laurelhurst Foundation link on the Laurelhurst Community Club homepage ( Donations of any size are welcome. For private discussions about your donation, contact John Temple directly at For general information and questions, email  
The sooner we hit the goal, the sooner we can get the HUB ready. We cannot predict an earthquake, we can only prepare. John Temple will post on NextDoor as we reach goal increments of $5,000 from this funding request.  
Liquefaction Zone: Did you know that much of Laurelhurst’s waterfront property, Talaris, University Village, and the Center for Urban Horticulture natural area, Husky stadium, and other local spots are in Seattle’s liquefaction zone? Check out the map.  

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