Friday, June 22, 2018

Comment On New Plans For Big Events At UW Husky Stadium

The Laurelhurst Community Club (LCC) published this information in their recent newsletter:

Comment on New Plans for Big Events at UW Husky Stadium  
The UW has prepared the required draft Environmental Impact Study (EIS) for its updated Husky Stadium Transportation Master Plan (TMP).  
In it, the UW offers no specific incentive plans to further reduce its impacts on the mobility of surrounding communities during large events and continues to dump all of the attendees onto existing transit routes. Its underlying assumptions are untenable. Regular bus routes and light rail are already running over capacity.  
The excess demand of adding approximately 22,000 riders to existing routes within 30 minutes of a major event’s completion would take at least two hours to clear. The TMP offers no new specific incentives for car share availability, no added boat shuttles, no improved sidewalks, and no bus pull out in front of Husky Stadium along Montlake Blvd. where Metro #78, Metro #65, Children’s Hospital shuttles, and Connector buses stop.  
These transit vehicles block all traffic in the lane, result in gridlock for other vehicles, and create unsafe boarding conditions for riders.  
The March issue of the Laurelhurst Letter featured key points LCC wanted  included and analyzed in the EIS.  
View the TMP EIS on the UW’s website. Send written comments to: Julie Blakeslee, University of Washington, Box 352205, Seattle, WA  98195-2205 or email: jblakesl@uwa.ed.

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