Tuesday, May 29, 2018

This Week Neighborhood SPD Micro-Community Policing Plan Meetings

Seattle Police Department's Sandpoint Micro-Community Policing Plan focus group is having two meetings this week from 4:30-5:30pm. Thursday's meeting is at the University Branch-Public Library (5009 Roosevelt Way NE) and Friday's meeting is at the Northeast Branch-Public Library (6801 35th Avenue NE). 

Laurelhurst is included in this micro-community group which supports North Precinct neighborhoods, as shown on the MCPP locator map, where residents can see the boundaries for the micro-communities throughout the North Precinct.

The focus group will discuss community perceptions of crime, safety, and police legitimacy, as well as knowledge of and satisfaction with the MCPP.

The MCCP website says:

The Micro Community Policing Plans (MCPP) are designed to address the distinctive needs of each community with a unique approach owned by the community..  The plans brings community engagement, crime data and police services together to get direct feedback on perceptions of crime and public safety.
The MCPP neighborhoods were defined through community meetings, focus groups, survey data, and the realities of geographic boundaries SPD can use to collect and report on events.  
The MCPPs and their neighborhoods will be routinely reevaluated with attention to the ways in which citizens who live in Seattle neighborhoods define their communities.  
As part of the process evaluation of the Seattle Police Department’s implementation of the Micro-Community Policing Plans, Seattle University is looking for community members to participate in an hour-long discussion regarding community perceptions of crime, safety, and police legitimacy, as well as knowledge of and satisfaction with the MCPP. Information gleaned from these focus groups will help to inform the respective neighborhood’s MCPP so come share your concerns and suggestions.  The Seattle Police Department will not be present during these discussions.
Crime Concerns? Quality of Life Issues? Recommendations for SPD? This is a great opportunity to have your voice heard and to have a conversation with other community members about what is going on in your part of the City.

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